Tuscany is the land of wonder. A triumph of flavors and fragrances in summer and spring, as well as in the cold winter season. An unforgettable and unmistakable taste that will become a reminder. Tuscan cuisine is sober and has simple flavors, prepared with wise mastery. The simplicity of the dishes is strictly related to a territorial history about misery and poverty.

Tuscany is a land of superb wines and ancient flavours.

The Nuovo Ranch reflects in its dishes an ancient philosophy based on naturalness and simplicity traditions, and the wisdom of the chef Carmelo is noticeable in every aspect, smell and taste of the courses.

Every dish and pairing has roots in history and culture of a Tuscany alive and preserved intact over time. Each element is selected to reach a balance of fullness, to give the customer not only a tasty pleasure but a full satisfaction.

At the heart of everything there is the meticulous search of the best raw materials of the territory and the wish to continue in proposing cuisine with a renewed look, with the attitude of whom do not stop at the memory but look for different solutions to give flavor and substance to the dishes.