The Nuovo Ranch restaurant has a wide range of gastronomic proposals, from the classic Tuscan flavors, as the variety of mixed crostini (canapés), bruschetta and crostini (slide Tuscan bread with different toppings) to the seafood salads, from the coccoli with raw ham and stracchino fresh cheese, to the typical Tuscan cheeses, both fresh and aged, giving you the opportunity to taste one of the most loved products of the region.

We continue with the first dishes by the delicate aromas, with many products from the land and with the flavors of the traditional sauces of this land, exalted in the perfect blend with the classic tagliatelle.

In the most traditional Tuscan cuisine you will never miss the famous bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine beef steak), along with other tasty meats, such as filetto alla chiantigiana and green pepper (beef fillet prepared in Chianti wine) and the various tagliate di manzo (sliced entrecote beef). The typical side dishes of the traditional culture of the territory such as roasted potatoes, fried or grilled vegetables are not secondary but complementary dishes to savor the Chef’s selected meats.

The Chianti Classico or the various red Tuscan wines are a must to accompany the tasty proposals.